Drive for single arm and scissor pantograph
Motor drive operates single arm and scissor pantographs
Pantograph Control Board
Universal pantograph control for various operating modes.
Switching Power Supply 19V DC, 4.7A
Matching power supply for your PC module.
Electronic Fuse
Electronic Fuse to protect your loco.
Decoder Serviceboard
Decoder Service Board for easy testing and programming your decoders.
MM1 Gear Lubricant
Gear Lubricant for motors, bearings and gears.
Programmable Train-Destination-Display for retrofitting your passenger coaches.
Graphite Lubricant
Graphite Lubricant Content 50 Gramm
MM1 Maintenance Oil
MM1 Maintenance Oil with 40mm non-drip valve
Track Magnet
Einfach zu montierender Gleismagnet zum Auslösen von Reedkontakten.
Automatic Decoupler
Automatic Decoupler for easy replacement of existing standard coupler.
Automatic shuttle (analog)
Analog automatic shuttle for run a train back and forth between two stations. With adjustable stopping time at the stations.
eMOTION 6 Volt Fixed Voltage Regulator
All-purpose 6V controller for the operation of RC servos, smoke generators and lights.
eMOTION Multi-Purpose Relay-Board (8 Amps)
All-purpose relay module e.g. for controlling pantographs and uncouplers.
Heating element for pulsed smoke generator
Heating elements for pulsed smoke generator.
eMOTION Pulse Generator
Pulse generator kit with 6mm axle (LGB® standard) to synchronize the chuffs of a steam engine sound with the engine's wheel rotations.
eMOTION Reed Contact PCB
Reed Contact PCB to release bell or horn.
DCC Onboard Adapter
To equip your LGB® Onboard-Locos with a free accessible DCC interface.
DiMAX Track Contact
Digital Track Contact with a nonwearing Hallsensor for the Feedback- and Train Detection System.
PCB & Decoder Brackets
The plastic decoder brackets ensure safe and convenient installation of PC boards, decoders and lighting boards with a width of 25mm.
LGB© decoders 55020, 55021, and 55040 as well as the new lighting boards clip easily into the brackets. The brackets are not usable with the eMOTION XL and the eMOTION XLS decoders.
XLS Poti PCB for XLS and LS Decoder
Poti PCB manual volume control of eMOTION XLS or LS Sounddecoders.
Here you can find several loudspeakers for connection on our XLS and LS decoder.
Loudspeaker installation kit for LGB® 2080S Loco
A practical Loudspeaker installation kit for your LGB® 2080S Loco.
Plugable DC-Motor control for LGB® Locomotives
DC-Motor control for LGB® DCC interface.
Various adapter cables
Adapter Cables for DiMAX and eMOTION products.