Traction tires for LGB® locos
Traction tires 27,5 mm and 46,5 mm.
Plug-in bulb for LGB®
Plug-in bulb for LGB® in 5, 19 and 24V.

19 Volt bulb with socket for LGB®
Bulbs with socket for LGB® in 2 pcs set with cable or as 25 pcs set in board-tray.
Loco magnet for LGB® Locomotives
Magnet strips to be attached to the LGB locomotives.
Standard Pick-Up Shoes for LGB® Locomotives
Standard Pick-Up Shoes for LGB® Locomotives.
Brushes, assembled for LGB® Locomotives
Brushes, assembled in 0,55 and 0,63 inch for LGB® Locomotives.
Track cleaning accessories
Track cleaning accessories, as cleaning pads and rings for LGB® 2067 (Track cleaning loco).