DiMAX RC Receiver
The DiMAX RC Receiver may be connected to a DiMAX or MTS III central station to facilitate a wireless operation between the DiMAX Navigator and a central station.
DiMAX Multi Receiver
Operate your DiMAX Navigator with central stations of other manufacturers by using the DiMAX Multi Receiver. The DiMAX Multi Receiver supports bus systems of LocoNet© and XpressNet. You may operate the DiMAX Navigator with cental stations of Digitrax©, Uhlenbrock©, Piko©, Fleischmann©, Lenz© and Roco©.
DiMAX Feedback Module
The DiMAX Feedback Module is a feedback unit for controlling and monitoring your layout with a PC. The DiMAX Feedback Module monitors 8 feedback contacts and it may be used with DiMAX or MTS systems. A wireless operation is possible.
DiMAX Train Detection Module
Monitor your track sections by the actual track current. In case the DiMAX Train Detection Module detects an electrical load on a track section, the module will report this track section to the PC as "occupied". The DiMAX Feedback Module is needed for the operation of the DiMAX Train Detection Module.
DiMAX Track Contact
Digital Track Contact with a nonwearing Hallsensor for the Feedback- and Train Detection System.
DiMAX Transducer
The DiMAX Transducer converts MTS II control bus signals into the DiMAX protocol.
DiMAX Adapter
You may connect multiple digital bus components to your DiMAX or MTS II system by using the DiMAX Adapter.
DiMAX Loco ID Reader
Keep track of your trains! The DiMAX Loco ID Reader reads the ID number of a passing locomotive or car. The reading will be sent to the PC and displayed on your layout screen without any chance of a mixup.