FAEBER Figurines

Hand painted Faeber figurines

Massoth Electronics now offers genuine lifelike figurines in G Scale! In co-operation with the outstanding Dutch figurine designer and manufacturer faeber Massoth Electronics is now selling these authentic figurines exclusively and world wide.
True to scale, lifelike coloring, different wardrobes to choose from, and even the choice to color your set of figurines all by yourself (white set, primed for coloring) make these the must haves for your layout.
These figurines come in prime quality at a very reasonable price level... Look for an expanding product line in the near future.

Following figurines are available:
9200005 - 2 Ladys, 2 Men, seated
Delivery status: Item discontinued (Please check for surrogate item)

9200000 - 2 Ladys, 2 Men, seated (white set)
Delivery status: Stock limited to remaining items on hand